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Bingham Crossing
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Bingham Crossing
Bingham Crossing
Located just west of the City of Calgary and east of the Canadian Rockies, Bingham Crossing will be a master-planned retail and lifestyle centre in the community of Springbank.
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Bingham Crossing Master Site Development Plan

Bingham Crossing Concept Site Plan

Subdivision Approved

The subdivision application for Bingham Crossing was approved by Rocky View County on May 27, 2014. The Bingham Crossing team is thankful for the support through this process, and we are excited to move forward with phase 1 leasing and construction.

We have continued to engage with the public and stakeholders throughout the application process, fielding questions and strengthening relations through personal meetings between the project team and members of the community. From the very beginning and throughout each stage of the application process, public consultation remains fundamental to the success of Bingham Crossing serving the needs of the community. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has provided input throughout all project phases to date. We look forward to continued and ongoing dialogue. A special thanks to our Community Working Group, who we work closely with as the project evolves.

In addition to our thanks, we would like to also communicate a number of updates on the project since our last post.

Stripping and Grading:

Stripping and grading approvals were issued in July 2013, and earthwork continues. Approximately 75% of the work was completed last year with the balance restarting June 2, 2014. Completion is expected by mid-July of this year.

Water Supply:

The agreement between Bingham Crossing and our regional water provider has not changed since our last update. Water allocation has been approved by both the Utility (CalAlta) and Alberta Environment, and construction of our water treatment plant has begun near Calaway Park. Clean drinking water will be provided to the Bingham community through this new facility.


The sewage needs of Bingham Crossing will be met by a superior collection, treatment, and disposal facility designed to service the entire community and at no cost to Rocky View County. The treated effluent will be dispersed through a spray irrigation system onto the quarter section of land located directly to the east of Bingham Crossing. An application for this facility was submitted to Alberta Environment. We are currently meeting with individuals within the community that submitted what’s referred to as a “statement of concern” in response to the application to discuss any questions. These discussions are resulting in positive outcomes and creating a better understanding of the facility benefits.

What's Next?

Architectural designs are nearing completion and preleasing discussions are just beginning. We look forward to taking the designs to the Community Working Group once complete for discussion, and to continue to engage with stakeholders to ensure plans are consistent with the priorities of the community.


We continue to welcome questions and comments from the community, and as always, remain available through email, phone, or one on one.

For more information about Bingham Crossing, contact:

Ron Renaud
Rencor Developments Inc.
Phone: 403-263-4449

Paul Douglas
United Communities
Phone: 403-265-6180